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One Round (2011)

GSProductions presents One Round, written and directed by Matt Gambell. Starring Robin Dicker, Tom Catchpole and Lizzie Hawes.
In an abandoned wasteland, hundreds of days after "The Event" the lonely traveller wanders what's left. Scavenging for anything valuable, he comes across an abandoned radio tower... will he give in to the one bullet left in his pistol?

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7 komentari:

  1. Anonymous7:56 PM


  2. o.o...That one guy in the brown coat looks like the guy 'looker' from pokemon o - o ... just saying

  3. Anonymous4:12 AM

    this had no plot !!! =))

  4. Anonymous5:53 PM

    theres no dialogue :((

  5. Anonymous12:00 PM

    when he kills the 2nd zombie the tree to his left looks like a big ass bud :D

  6. Anonymous11:38 PM

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  7. You've got a lot of movies I haven't seen here, I like.

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