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“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”

American Zombie (2007)

What a splendid documentary! Finally, a Fair And Balanced look at the plight of The Un-Dead. Grace Lee's, American ZOMBIE treats the viewer to a never seen before look at 'a day in the life' in a variety of High Functioning Zombies in contemporary Los Angeles. 'The Creatures of the Night' are people too, and are lobbying for their rights, and demanding recognition from mainstream society! The film gallantly demonstrates how, ZAG (Zombie Activist Group) tirelessly champions the rights of this over-looked and ignored marginalized community. If you like documentaries that fearlessly seek out the truth, you can't pass this up. There ain't no 'sizzle' in this spectacular film, it's all 'red, red meat'.

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3 komentari:

  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    04/07/12 don't bother...this isn't even worth wastin your fast forward button on. wondered why they wasted their time. didn't they have some paint to watch dry or paint thinner to inhale? they should all be embarrassed and banned from any other zombie movies. they just didn't seem to give a shit.


  2. Keeferman11:27 AM

    This was, despite what some simpletons might spew, a good movie. It's obviously a different Kind of zombie movie. And, unless you're too brain dead to have known it was gonna be alittle different, you won't be disappointed. It starts out weird, slows down, gets tense for a minute or two and then... okay, it does kinda trail off alittle at the end, but still... it was a good movie. Definitely interesting.

  3. Anonymous12:49 AM

    I loved the idea of doing the umpteenth "zombies are an accepted part of the world" movie.

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