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ZOMBINLADEN - The Axis Of Evil Dead

Zombin laden is a fake trailer made for a french contest (Panic ! Reverse)... The film was shot in 4 days during the summer PRODUCTION : François Reumont, Clement Deneux & Gaël Lucien pour Hypergonar Image & Son SCRIPT & DIRECTION : Clément Deneux IMAGE : François Reumont SFX SUPERVISOR : Gaël Lucien PRODUCTION DESIGNERS: Anne Sophie Delaunay Arthur Brügel SFX MAKE UP David Scherer SOUND: Vincent Le Vot Gaël Simard Alain Tristant ORIGINAL SCORE BY : Etienne Gauthier Benoit Rault EDITING : Qutaiba Barhamji Camille Vidal Naquet MIXAGE/ SOUND MIX : Shorty ACTORS Carole Brana (Julie) Shane Woodward (Mark) Arnaud Demanche (Zombinladen) Didier Deneux (The Coroner) Lemmy Constantine (Narrator) Leon (President Obama) Michel Guidoni (President Sarkozy)

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  1. just fuck this movie mans and fuck all americans.

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    Khaaaaaaaaan! lol