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Babylon Fields - Pilot

Babylon Fields was a proposed television series that featured reanimated zombies as characters. Rather than being portrayed as malevolent monsters, however, the recently deceased return to their homes and attempt to pick up their lives. The pilot had elements of black comedy as well as drama. Cast members included Ray Stevenson, Amber Tamblyn, David Patrick Kelly, Kathy Baker, Leila Arcieri, and Jamey Sheridan. While the series was in consideration for a fall 2007 premiere, CBS declined to pick it up

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10 komentari:

  1. Well, it suck CBS wouldn't put this on the air; I've been "dying" (no pun intended =P ) for something like this since I read World War Z and the Survival Guide.. although I think the idea is great, I don't think the idea of "smart zombies" would have carried the show too far. Other than that, I think this show could have had some potential. It's original, it hasn't been done before; but yet CBS and WB insist on creating "the OC" look-alikes.. Babylon Fields could have been something, but probably since it didn't conform, it got the "axe" (also, no pun intended =P )

  2. Anonymous3:19 AM

    we should petition the stations (ABC,NBC,CBS,Fox,CW) to put this on the air just change it a little have them good and smart zombies at first and have them go through changes making them violent and flesh hungry, but have a few of the more likeable zombies stay the same but have them fight the hunger at times

  3. this was real. funny thing is though it takes place in Babylon LongIsland. Almost the entire thing was shot in Baldwin Long Island, not Babylon. I know this cause I live there and watched some of it get filmed. Hell I can walk to that grave yard from my house. i think it would have done better if they dropped in more than just 1 hint of the blood lust

  4. nmbronedad3:40 PM

    That was some awesome stuff. Sure they weren't Romero zombies but so what they were zombies none the less. I really wish this was made into a show and think any one who sees this should write to ABC, NBC, etc. and lobby to have this made into a series. With the success of the Dawn Of The Dead remake, Land of the Dead and the 28 Days series its sure to be a hit.

  5. Anonymous8:37 PM


  6. Anonymous11:41 PM

    I'm gonna be quite honest. I love zombie movies, but i can really see why this didnt get aired. I dunno it was just unpleasant to watch (esp the mom, my god) but the whole smart zombie thing just didnt work for me. I know its ok to deviate from the romero zombie but this one took it way too far imho

  7. Anonymous5:53 PM

    oh my god this was great people should conact tv stations to accept the making of the series i need to see it!!

  8. Anonymous9:30 AM

    How can so many zombies be in perfect shape? It's not like everyone died in the last week or so.

  9. Anonymous10:36 PM

    i liked it. im nearly obsessed with zombie movies and this is an interesting premise. i agree with the other person who said hint more at the bloodlust. this really could make a good series if it got onto a t.v.

  10. Anonymous2:20 AM

    The basic idea behind Babylon Fields is zombies, but not your bog standard brain munching, slow moving, arms extended, falling over things, zombies. By golly no.
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