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“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”

Live or Let Die (2014)

This short film is a tribute to the zombie movies of the 70s, the video games and TV shows of the modern era and the music of the 80s. You will see many influence from Game,TV-Shows and other Movies READ THE DESCRIPTION ! This is a uncommercial movie .We have no interest in order to make money with this film "LIVE OR LET DIE" is a fictional story (Movie). It was applied no real violence,no one was harmed. We reject any form of real violence. -----------One scene was inspired by Black Horizon-------------- DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER : Manuel Urbaneck WRITER: Manuel Urbaneck & Jan Bohlenschmidt STARRING: Jan Bohlenschmidt,Manuel Urbaneck, Steven Mooers,Sophie Siener,Lukas Tritscher EDITOR/VFX: Manuel Urbaneck SPECIAL MAKE-UP: Manuel Urbaneck

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