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The Z Line (2013)

Novi, a 17 year old boy wakes up to find his home town has been quarantined. With everyone around falling ill, and even dying, he becomes determined to cross The Line. Twitter - Facebook - Blog - Very surprising ending Nice ! Its hard to surprise anyone these days with a Zombie story. My critique would be better actor for your lead but thats not easy ! My only other problem would be Novi as a character, its a fine line between asshole and asshole trying to survive there has to be a balance that we see to where we root for the antihero even though we dont like him . Novis evolution wasnt shown so it seemed like he went from frightened kid to murderer in the 3 yr fwd. Act of the movie. So if you could have given us a 2 or 3 minute flash montage showing us why hes this way and why he so badly wants to cross the zone line ? You did a good job IMO this is from 2 yrs ago so Im sure you have become better ? If you have other links please post I would like to see what you think is in Your opinion Your best ? Good luck in future endeavors ...

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