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“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”

The Last Year (2014)

Great zombie movie. There aren't many zombies but the story was so strong it didn't really matter. Communications Technology Class FSE. Made with our iPhones and a budget of $15. None of the music belongs to any of us. Soundtracks include: 1. Caesing the Knife - Patrick Doyle 2. Caesar's Stand - Patrick Doyle 3. Into the Fray - Marc Streitenfeld 4. Mind Heist - Hans Zimmer 5. Oil Rig - Hans Zimmer 6. Don't Let Go - Steven Price 7. Life or Death - Michael Giacchino 8. Bridge of Khazum Dum - Howard Shore 9. I'm a Doer - Steve Jablonsky 10. I'm Gonna tell Jesus - Steve Jablonsky 11. Scan her Again - James Newton Howard 12. Barrow Burns - Brian Reitzell 13. The Choice - Christopher Drake 14. Main Titles - Christopher Drake 15. Like a River Around a Rock - Marco Beltrami 16. Big Daddy Kills - Henry Jackman, John Murphy 17. Horror in the Canisters - Christopher Young

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