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“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”


A genre mixed independent feature length film, from suspense thriller to goth horror, comedy, romance and zombie, shot entirely in a documentary style with actors improvising and developing the story as they go along under the actual environments with real people --except for main actors.

About a man who was believed to be dead by his peers, suddenly shows up in front of them asking for money as he is in big trouble. But when he gets help from no one, he has no choice but to run away from the unseen pursuers and look for his girlfriend until he shows up in front of her dead but not dead...
NOTE: As this was polished version of the existing rough cut, there are some parts that are inaudible.

Starring: Seigi Ozeki ("Yamada the Samurai of Ayothaya", "Khuu raet", "Khuu Kham", "Embrace"), Maiko Kodama, Michael Scully and Rappa Ohtsuka
Story, Shot, Edited & Directed by Yasuyuki Kubota
Produced by Yasuyuki Kubota & Takashi Ohtsuka
Music by Michihisa Watanabe Songs by Elements
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