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“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”

ZOMBIE WARS - Episode V: The Living Dead Strike Back

The Zombie Epidemic Continues! Star Wars Zombie Style! Based on the zombified parody movie posters by artist Matt Busch. Finally! The most beloved fan favorite film of the Star Wars saga, now zombified for your bizarre pleasure. is proud to present ZOMBIE WARS – Episode V: The Living Dead Strike Back, which featured the undead art of Matt Busch The video is produced in collaboration with Jib Jab, who secured rights from Lucasfilm, Ltd. to make hilarious shorts based on the STAR WARS saga. Warning: the video does include romantic blood vomit… Rest assured, the third installment of the trilogy “Return from the Grave” (Episode 6) will be unleashed in one week on October 28th here on,, as well as other social networking sites including YouTube and Facebook. Enjoy the video below and stay tuned to for more! - See more at:

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