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Zombie Parkour Movie (2011)

A zombie apocalypse occurs as three parkour tracuers are forced to put their skills to the test and work together to try to make it to a car and escape the city and find safe grounds. WANT TO FIND OUT MORE INFO ABOUT ZOMBIE PARKOUR 2 This was Produced by RawShock Films and directed by Marco Aguilar. Starring: Jesse La Flair Basilio Montilla Eddie Dean Please subscribe to the film makers Official pages for updates on a Part 2 (Which will have a story line that does not get cut out like this one) YOUTUBE: Song: In Teen Dreams by Ancient Crux Interracial Coupling FACEBOOK:

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2 komentari:

  1. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Fantastic Job on this short clip. Love the parkour and the last scene with the guy in the car..he really needs to look if the car will even get him far XD. I can't wait to see the next video you will release.

  2. I wonder what we would get if the zombies in zombie movies would learn the discipline of Parkour with the obstacles being us humans. I think it would make for some real scary stuff.