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“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”

Teenage Zombies (1959)

While boating (and possibly water-skiing), a quartet of teens, Reg (Don Sullivan), Skip (Paul Pepper), Julie (Mitzie Albertson), and Pam (Brianne Murphy), accidentally discover an island run by a mad scientist named Doctor Myra who, backed by foreign agents from "the East", intends to turn everyone in the United States into a zombie.

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3 komentari:

  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    totally awsome

  2. Anonymous3:00 AM

    When they said THE END i just felt a release, this movie was so fucking lame and gay, instead of fighting with eachother they where having gay groupsex, and this is suppose to be a zombie movie not a movie that bore me out, i had to take of my shirt because i was sweating so much, couldn't focus or concentrate and the movie made me hyperactive and almost true the whole movie i was thinking about what a lame boring gay movie i was watching, and i felt so bored, this is a really boring movie and i give it a minus.

  3. Anonymous3:15 AM

    why where they fighting, it's suppose to be a zombie movie for god's sake! This goes to the genre: boring. How come there is no genre like that? this is a horror movie well i feel it is a lame movie with lame zombies that goes arond doing nothing but being retards that look fucking gay and stupid, thanks for taking a way 1hour and ten minutes and 25 seconds of my life , but i respect this movie it is another generation from mine and i couldn't do better. They didn't have any specialeffects/soundeffects or colours at that time.